My phone beeped one monday morning. It was a message from Shell; an invitation for interview. This bothered me a lot, because I'd just left there about a week for an interview. This stressed me, but since as at the time I needed the job desperately, I went for the interview anyway. At first I twitched and my mind went dilly dally, but I walked over my feelings, packed and booked a flight to Port Harcourt against tomorrow.
I sat before the board of directors tensed. I felt drowsy, but felt encouraged and found confidence in the fact that this may be the last phase of the interview.
After a thorough screening, a Lady in her mid forties said: "Lisa Banks from all available information you are qualified for this job but....." she paused. My mind skipped as I watched her struggle with the forthcoming words, as the smile which had lightened my face faded.
"Trust me when I say you deserve this job." She continued. "but as you know, shell as a company need competent hands to lift the company to a greater exploit."
"Ma I don't understand." I said as my heart ached with fear of disappointment.

"I mean your physique....... this work is sometimes strenuous and you will be doing a lot of traveling but with your structure.... (she hesitated but continued) I don't think you will be able to cope. We need...."

"I understand." I interrupted. "I've passed every test, the first interview and this very one. If there's a reason to disqualify me out side my qualification, you should have told me."

"Young lady, can't you see that you're on a wheel chair?" the man sitting next to her intervened.
This angered and struck me hard but I managed to be polite. "Sir, the fact that I lost my legs does not mean I have lost my brains. I am still productive and my knowledge is still with me. This situation has not changed anything in me."
I took my file and turned for the door. "Good day Miss Banks"
I nodded my head in affirmation disappointed and bruised emotionally as I turned to shut the door behind me.****

what's led to Lisa Banks desperation to seek a job knowing her condition?
could she possibly overcome criticism and depression?
these and many more fascinating life changing stories awaits you next week.... remember to leave your comments and like our fb page.. stay connected

( 1st March, 2016 07:38:PM) ( 1022)




You're doing it again..smiles.more grease to your elbow. Nice story..Have a feeling its tragedy to comedy tale. I'll be expecting next episode.
( January 9th, 2016)


Hmmmmmmmmmmm.......... marginalisation! "I've lost my legs and not my brain". It take only a hopefully courageous person to say that. Good one!
( January 9th, 2016)


Can't imagine the desperation accompanied with fear for future occurrence

( January 12th, 2016)


That's harsh on Lisa Banks.. I think she deserves more, we shouldn't use people's predicament to determine their fate but their capabilities
( January 12th, 2016)


Interesting begining! We await's the next episode.
( January 14th, 2016)

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