“I was the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Akachi Azubuike and was given everything I needed. Life was worth living, my father was a great hunter in his clan and my mother was a farmer. We had everything we needed at our beck and call. I was treated with love like a special child from the gods, and was among the first female children to attend college and the university in the whole of umuachi community.  I excelled tremendously. People often addressed me as ‘ekemma the goddess’ because of my beauty. I was highly favored by the gods.

During my third year in the university, I met Ikechukwu by the noticed board, while I was in a hurry and He bumped into me scattering my books from my grip.

‘Oh! Goodness! What kind of evil spirit is this? Are you blind? I asked sarcastically

‘I am so sorry, it wasn’t deliberately.’ He pleaded and gently picked my lecture notes from the floor and handed them to me.

‘I am Ikechukwu.’ He said, stretching out his hands for a shake.

I hissed at him and headed straight to the lecture hall.

Later, that same day, while I was returning back from school, I saw someone from afar waving at me, I thought it’s was a familiar face not until the person drew closer. It was him again.

Hi! He said with a contagious smile.
You again! Are you stalking me? I asked scornfully.
No, am sorry for what happened this morning. I just came to apologized.
Apology accepted. Can I go now?

In summary, we became friends and our relationship grew strongly. We were extremely happy together. Often, we read together, visited each other, and became the newest couple on campus. Some close friends called us Romeo and Juliet, but with exclusion to the tragic end. He was all a lady could ever ask for, smart, handsome, humble, name it all. I respect and admire him and he does the same as well, we seem so perfect and compatible.

There was this fateful evening when Ikechukwu and I were sitting on a couch gisting, and he asked me my plans after school. I told him how I intended to engage in event management while searching for a better job.

He sat quiet, like someone contemplating a wrong act, and I wondered what was going through his mind.

‘You are not saying anything’ I said, because I was stunned at the way he stared at me.

Then He cleared his throat and said:

‘I know am not supposed to be saying this now…………. I hope you understand my situation, and help me through this race.’ He knelt down calmly and brought a small box from his breast pocket.

He called out.
Mandy! Will you marry me?
It came as a surprise. I wasn’t expecting it.
‘Please don’t say no.’ He added.
I accepted to marry him and my life took a new shape.


It was cold dark and long night. The birds and insects chirped distinctively. Some elders sat with Akachi in the Hut, grinding kola-nut with their rusty teeth and flushing it down their throat with some palm wine.

“Hahahahaa. That’s not true” Said one of the elders: “The wine we drank in my house yesterday, tasted much better than this. The gods would kill to taste that wine”

Elder two: “okoronkwo! Shut up! The gods are interested in your offerings not some wine, that steal your sense of perfect reasoning……

“Okoli! What is your problem?” Asked elder okoronkwo.

Even as the elders had the heart parsed with wine. The women attended to Akachi’s wife in the backyard. It has been four uninterrupted hours that she went into travail, but it seems like the gods are still deciding on whom should be reincarnated.

The women made sounds of joy and sang songs of thanks to the gods. Swaying their wrappers, and throwing their hips from one direction to the other, they danced with merriment from the backyard.

Is the baby a boy? Asked one of the elders.

“No pa! The child is a girl.” One of the women answered.
Pa Akachi took some kola nuts and palm wine to a little house, where he kept his Chi; the Chi has been in the family for more than five generations. And it is tradition to show appreciation to the fore-fathers for their help and unreserved protection. After saying his payers he broke the kola nut, chewed it and spat it on the ugly statue, and then did the same thing with the palm wine.

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