The Unforgivable
Is it a darkly hunting passion for revenge or should we call it a highly gothic story? This classic story of The Unforgiveable is a unique and gripping blend of characters. It’s a family saga full of love, hatred, revenge and regret, focusing on the main character, Nicole Smith. When Nicole lost the two most important persons in her life, driven by her passion for revenge, she worked her way up the prestigious Adebayo Jide’s firm in order to fulfill her mission. She was caught in the middle of hate and revenge.

Nicole smith could be described as a heroine with her driving passion and love for her family, unlike Jide who is described as an anti-hero with his rough manners, lack of control and many flaws, this is one main reason why I believe this story is so fascinating and brilliant, its rings with truth. The reader maybe horrified at the way that Nicole smith behaved and yet at the same time, her actions are crystal clear, she was caged in her world, bearing the burden and lost for six years.

The main part of this story relies on Nicole smith and her immense desire to seek for vengeance, I think that is a useful desire which hold the plot together, however unforgiveable is not what I would call an essay read, there is dense descriptions, emotions and dialogue which can be difficult to follow (suspense). Unforgiveable is a unique story that cut across all ramification of human lives, you will agree with me that we all do silly and crazy things for the ones we love clearly without even knowing how far we have gone, disregarding the law and playing heroes in our life just to save or protect those that our heart craves for (families, friends etc).
Love indeed is a unique aspect of human life that sends series of emotions unknowingly. Nevertheless, we persevered in all. We challenge you to remain unmoved after reading this exceptional story because more interesting and captivating stories await you.

We intend to feed you with good stories, but we want you – our reader to have a say in the next series of stories. Please, feel free to drop your suggestions and observations on how we can improve our life impacting and soul enriching stories. Your contributions are highly valued.

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An apt and succinct review!
( June 10th, 2015)


You've really tried..bravo and kudos..but what next are we expecting from taleshorizon..huh..?
( June 10th, 2015)


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( June 14th, 2015)


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Lora Wood

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