I had just returned late that evening after inspecting our new sites, I was very exhausted  and decided to get dinner, was scanning through the kitchen when I heard a weird sound at our gate.

Gbam! Gbam!! Gbam!!! The sound drew closer

 Terrified; the glass of milk slipped from my hands to the floor, I peeped through the window, only to see Annabel trooping in with her squad, what could this possibly mean, I called the police immediately and switched off the kitchen light, tiptoed to the door side to hear their conversation, why could Annabel do this to us after all my parent has done for her.

Mummy was crying softly, Annabel please put the gun down…

Keep quite she yelled out, you took away everything that gives me joy and left me on the street to wroth

This is what the street has turned me into

Annabel we don’t understand what you talking about dad hurriedly voiced out

You liar, you killed my dad, your sins are haunting you; Mr. Ogunbe, my dad worked diligently in your compound but what did you give him in return? You took away his only source of livelihood and sent him to jail.

So Annabel is the daughter of Mr. Ayiki  who rapped me, this is not a just fight, I tried to fight the tears dropping from my eyes but couldn’t….

I was only eleven when I came back from school that hot afternoon, mom had an emergency meeting, so she asked the house help to pick me up from school, which she did afterwards she went to the groceries store to stuck up our fridge

Lo and behold Mr. Ayiki took advantage of their absence, he entered into our living room and called my name in his usual manner, small madam

I came down stairs inquiring what happened, why he called

Good afternoon sir

Ah small madam na only you dey house

Yes sir

Oya come make I show you something, he held my hands  but i refused going with him, but he forcefully layed me on the floor, and devoured me, asking me to remain sillent or will loose both parents; the pain was intense, so i told mom what transpired when she was away,  my parents was mad at him. they had him arrested and sentenced to prison where he died before completing his jail terms

So what is my parent fault?

which parent wouldnt do the same.

Annabel pointed the gun towards dad, you sent my dad to jail so that you can be a better father to yours

But he defiled my daughter dad replied(tensed) 

That was it she pulled the trigger at dad as if that was not enough she did same to mom, I couldn’t bear it any longer I screamed, I knew for certain my life was in danger and she will definitely look for me, I managed to run but there was nowhere to go her troop were after me already, so I jumped out through the window landing on the floor of our three storey building the police were already in the compound and was trying to gain access through our front door

I was in deep pain, I could not move my legs anymore or feel them till I passed out;

That was how cruel the world is, I was the only survivor in my family;

The company just rejected a genius, because I was not going to allow what they said to me influence me, Annabel for sure has caused a great grief in my heart and each passing moment reminded me of how she came unkept to our house, how mom accepted her as a daughter not knowing her intention to drift us apart, she fought an unjust fight

Nevertheless I had enough finance to put me on track, I only applied for a job with shell to see if I can work with my initial dream, but all was just a dangling mirage tearing me apart, but my rejection was an awakening of a new passion in me

Today I don’t live in regret rather in appreciation of a soul been saved

At the dawn of everyday that smile that was once lost has been restored through my drive and passion, I was able to set a charitable organization and other NGOs, I have been touring around the world affecting souls positively and now am married and will be expecting our first son soon..

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Nicky Micky

So inspiring! That was indeed beyond quest but thank God for the narrator. Learnt a lot. More Inspirations
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