each passing moment that i stare at mom, i knew there's something special that i can always rely on, i trust her instinct to direct her in making the right decision but its seems everything is not fitting in as i earlier anticipated.

her stares was intense, i have not noticed this part of her before,i was still trying to figure out the whole picture, when she finally ask her ; what's your name ..

Anabel she replied quickly as she buried her head to the ground as though, sorting for an answer, her face was pale like a flawless eagle who has been shredded from its wings

What do you want? Mom asked politely

Madam, am looking for a job

i was irritated at her reply, how could that possiby happen, you just walk into someones compound expecting to get a job.....

''Does this look like a  job agency; I quickly chipped in

mom cast a quick glance at me, i dont need to be told what she meant; its simply means that i should keep quite but i wouldn't i  pressed on...

where do you live, i ask her like a judge  waiting to apprehend it's culprit

''Lisa, can you allow me to handle this''

But mom!

Shhhhhhhhh; I held my breathe since my voice wasn’t needed.

Young lady; how can I help you; directing her attention towards her

Madam; I can wash, clean, cook name it ma, am very good at home service o, I just need a chance to prove it…..this time  she fell on her knees with tears dripping from her eyes;

ma;  i sincerely need this job

part of me want to help her, but i didnt maybe this isnt the right time for us to have a house help; I was staring keenly waiting for mom’s reaction;

''Get up dear it’s alright, have you worked anywhere before;

Yes ma; but unfortunately I lost my boss to an auto crash

This time the tears was already dropping profusely; I turned my head to the other side of the pool, trying to distract myself from their conversation;

Where are you from? Mom asked her politely

Ma; am from a very poor family

That has not answered the question dear; where are you from? I asked her with all seriousness,

this ain't right, i could feel from all indication thats she's trying to win mom over with all her stories and feigning attitude.

Not again; Lisa

''her voice was loud and clear, i notice that look when you have actually made up your mind and you dont need any trespasser

''Do you know what?...just take her to the guest room

But mom;......

 Do as I say..Lisa

Alright; I dragged my feet’s grudgingly as I led our new house mate to her room

''You can unpack your stuff here, if you need anything, you can ask my mom, cause i won't be available, I said calmly as I stepped out of the room, ignoring the expression on her face.

I felt this strange feeling in my heart, I was deeply hurt as I strolled back to the pool to join her,why would she treat me like that in the presence of that girl, it's so unfair

i deserve an explanation i thought to myself, confronting her was the only thing on my mind.

Mom;why on earth will you make such heart aching decision in a hurry, without even seeking our consent

i think dad should know about this, worst of it all we don’t need a house girl

But I do need a house girl; she fires back

But nobody employs a house help just like that..

'' I just did''

now i understand; its all about you mom... you didn't even thought of how.....

of how what... hum what do you expect me to do fold my arms and watch her cry out her life.

'didnt you see her condition,i thought we are supposed to assist when necessary not when the need arises

I stood perplex as I watched her in bewilderment, I can’t believe this is happening I know, that can't be an excuse for employing a maid without even getting relevant information about her

its pointless talking to her,for certain she  wouldn't listen especially when it comes to decision making.

i quietly retrieved myself back to my room, to stay abreast of what lies ahead.

Annabel effortlessly found her way to mom’s heart each passing day, I watched them communicate frequently, this went on for some time, I was only watching I knew something was going wrong but I can’t figure it out

for certain i was neglected 

Then, it came like a tornado that just had its disruption, displacing every single object it came across with its whirl wind.***********

To be continued next week

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In making decision we ought to be discrete even if it involves life in order not to encounter problems in the future
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Very Impressive. Indeed YOU are unique. Awaiting the tornado
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