It was a hectic and busy week, having the weekend arrive so quickly was nothing but a fulfilled desire. I sat outside the house under the ornament tree in the garden, submitting freely to the cool and gentle air; so that it could sweep all the tiredness in me away. The garden is a gallery of pleasant and unforgettable memories, Mum and I had the best time there.  Each time I feel the need to reunite with mum and sister Bella, I visit there; it feels like a reunion with the gods – they see me, I feel them. I always imagine them with white garments, shinning like the sun but smiling at me for the first time. It gave me an immeasurable and overwhelming feeling of peace that they are smiling at me. They must be touching and hugging me; there was no other explanation for the goose pimples all over my body.

While I sat reminiscing my childhood that fateful Saturday evening; two hefty looking men walked unto me.

Good afternoon, madam. They greeted
Good afternoon. How can I help you? I replied and asked.
Are you Miss Nicole smith? The tall and darker man asked as he glanced through the brown file he was holding.

It caused me much concern knowing that these strangers knew my name, and I had no clue whatsoever to whom they were. The tales, of the then frequent kidnappings played very fast in my head. My hair strands stretched and were ready to pull out, should any of them step closer.

Yes. I am Miss Nicole Smith and who are you? Attempting to hide my fear, I sipped from the glass of wine.

Dipping his right hand into his breast pocket, the darker man answered;
I’m detective James Haruna, with me here is sergeant Idris Lamarck.

He brought out and showed me his I.D and arrest warrant.
Madam! He continued. You are under arrest.
This is a joke, right? What are you talking about? For a moment it felt like I was shrinking into myself. I wished dearly to hear the police officer say it was a mistaken identity.

You have the right to remain silent; anything you say now will be used against you in the court of law. The inspector yelled, as the sergeant hand cuffed and walked me out of the house.

will be continued next week.........dont miss out.

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Wow..this is captivating..I sense there is a mistake somewhere concerning the arrest..till next week then
( May 11th, 2015)


Lovely piece of work u'hve got there Joy,interesting start as well,love the lil suspence m sensin,gonna b an interesting one. Waiting on the next chapter pls.
( May 11th, 2015)


The construct of this piece is unusual, it left a palpable picture in my mind as I read through every line...Tales Horizon !
Congratulations Dearie, U've done immensely well.
( May 12th, 2015)


Wow! I love this as I read tru I was amazed n my tot was hw cud a sci student become d best writer in d world can't wait 2 c hw d story goes. I think dis is d new generation d world have been waiting for gud work dear, n keep it up I've always beliv in you.
( May 12th, 2015)


So wetin com hapn na???? No dey put me on lockdown na.
( May 12th, 2015)

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