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Six months ago, I got a lucrative job at Jibe’s firm as an accountant. My dream place of work; Jibe’s firm has been outstanding since its inception.
Jibe is a private firm, demanding hardworking and dedicated staff from all discipline, this seminar is to enable you triumph expectantly, preparing your mind for various challenges that you will encounter in the course of your job here. The woman who introduced herself as Mrs. Terrie said.
She continued. You have been given a rare opportunity and how you utilize it will play the god over the continual need of your skills here. She took a pause and drew closer towards me, and pointed her red painted long middle finger at me, as if she wanted to remove a log from my eyes and said: please do not slip, just like a dream, you will find yourself outside this wall staring at the big Jibe board – wishing you did everything right. Instantly she withdrew and walked away as I manage to say, thank you ma.
You are starting work immediately.
Three months of working with jibe’s firm & co-operatives was life changing as promised initially; considering the caliber of persons I was exposed to, the ambassador to the United States of America was one of such. It was amazing how fast things unveiled. Adapting into the firm was not too strenuous for me. The credit is to Mitchell who went out of her busy schedule to put me through, when lost on what to do. The bond between us, over time, grew. She was smart, elegant and outspoken, although she was noisy - I still liked her.
One Friday Mitchell was standing close to my office door.
It’s time to go home……………. She called out as usual.
And I am riding with you today; this time around you won’t even dare to kick against it. My car is not in order, I have called the mechanic to pick it up….so are you driving me home?
I picked my hang bag and walked moodily towards the office door.
Do I have a choice Mitchell?
Excitedly, I got you! She said.
Enjoy your fun while its last dearie.
I drove her home and we ended up chatting all through at her place. We spoke about a lot of things including the funny looking man who almost turned the office into a comedy show earlier today.
……So Mitchell
Yes dear. She answered.
I want to know more about jibe’s co-operative.
Dear, there is nothing to tell you, besides it’s not as if you are still new in the company, you have friends and admirers everywhere. Sometimes you even make me jealous…… she spoke with her eyes blinking like the drop of a water from a licking tap.
Hey! That’s enough. I snapped,
Hmmm! Nicole, I was only joking nah, okay what do you want to know about the firm? She asked.
Everything! I replied. Tell me more about Mr. Adebayo Bankole Jide jnr.
You mean the M.D. she said curiously………Wait o! Don’t tell me you are falling for him o.
Heheheheh! You are naughty o, just go straight and tell me. I said just to keep her in line.
And she started.
Ok. Mr. Adebayo Jide graduated from the University of Ibadan, obtained his masters from the prestigious university of England, and his father the C.E.O. appointed him as the M.D of the company. Since then, he has managed the firm with integrity and wisdom. He is smart, hardworking and handsome; he is presently engaged to Miss. Ayomide Thompson, they intend getting married in few month time. So what else…
There’s nothing else. I replied and stepped off coldly…

 All my life, I have never for once imagined that I will be entering a police station. As it is now, I am being locked behind iron bars. The wall of the cell was rusty. It had bizarre inscriptions like – “Dragon was here”, “police na wetin I do u” and “liquor is back (12)” – written on it.
Tears rolled down my cheeks like rain drops, as I crept to left corner of the detention room.
Nicole. Nicole, is this you? A female voice asked from the dark end of the room.
At first I withdrew, but the voice sounded familiar.
Yes, it is me. Who are you? I asked curiously.
Surprisingly, Mrs. Kambili crept out slowly from the dark, like a snail from its shell. Her face was bruised and her mouth swollen. We crawled towards each other and embraced. Her shirt was soaked with sweat and tears, and its beginning to stink.
It’s my fault, she cried out. I couldn’t keep my mouth shot. They kept asking questions and I.. I.. I mentioned your name. She stammered as tears rolled down from her eyes.
Mrs. Kambili is the M.Ds personal cook and a very accommodating woman. She has always been of great help, when it concerns unofficial needs. I respected and admired her attitude towards staff. Although she was the M.Ds personal cook, she still run errands for me. Poor widow; I had it in mind to sponsor one of her children in school.
What have you done? I asked.
I no do anything o!. she replied in pidgin. Dem say oga no well. Na im dem come carry me from house……
Eh! Oga no well? Wetin dey do am. I asked.
Dem say na poison. Na me be oga cook na. That wicked officer say na me poison am…..
Hmmmm! You poison am? How e come take concern me? I asked.
I no poison am o..! I no know o. she broke down in tears and replied.

Do you really want to know what led to Nicole's arrest, and other untold miseries?.......LOOK FORWARD FOR NEXT EPISODE.

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( May 18th, 2015)


Brilliant....definatly on suspence now,great work miss.
( May 18th, 2015)


Interesting..please dear, improve on your spacing to enable better readability..

Nice and brilliant concept with an interesting tale
( May 18th, 2015)

Orukpe Peace Ri

Wow wow
dis is
really interesting i enjoyed it, but plz can u bring d next episode 2day? Cos u are puting every one on suspense oooooo
( May 19th, 2015)


Interesting! Do bring the next out quickly please.
( May 19th, 2015)

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