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  Mama was restless that night; she was unable to sleep and sat agitated
“Hope all is well, Nne!” I enquired.
“Why do you ask a question, to which you already have the answer?”
“Eh…. But mama, I have told you that I won’t marry Ekene, I don’t love him”. I replied with keen concern
“You will marry him!” Mama insisted with a harsh tone and menacing look, and then she continued; “it’s unthinkable that you are rejecting him because he has no money now, but I’ll never let that happen. You must marry him…”
Nne and I exchanged unpleasant words that evening. That night’s battle of words was the extreme point our divergent position has brought the hostile relationship between us to. Her words rang in my ear throughout the night and cruelly snatched sleep away from my fatigued eyes.
The relationship between mama and I has not always been like this. I had always thought that Ekene was the right man, not until recently that I met this young wealthy man. Mama has always been a major player in my affairs; she has sacrificed a lot for me. We’ve stuck together whenever there was little to eat. We labored together even when my efforts were negligible, just to foot my school fees and other bills, but this recent development has seemingly defied that rugged bond of unity between us.
Even as I lay sleeplessly on my bed, a lot of questions paced through my mind;
“Does she actually want me to have the same fate as her?” I thought within myself. “After all I have been through; I think I deserve something better. Why won’t she want me to marry a wealthy man? Huh! I’m tired of this poverty stricken life…
And suddenly Ekene crept into my thoughts. “Who gave him such power? The power to play pictures of our beautiful old days; I hate it when he does that.” He has been my boyfriend since our days in the university and after graduation he engaged me….
“He was my all and all back then in university. He was very smart and intelligent. He had promising future. I thought things would be better for us. The fact that I love Ekene isn’t a reason why I should allow him determine my fate, especially now that he has nothing to offer; When is he going to get a good job? This is two years he graduated from school? Unlike Maduka, the new wealthy young man, who has many investments and could actually change my world at the flick of a finger. Hmmmmmm! But Mama does not like him. I hope she comes to her senses very fast, because the earlier the better………”

Two weeks after mama and I quarreled, she refused to talk with me or take anything from me, even the little money I usually give her from the post office where I work. She is one of the main reasons why I want to marry Maduka. I want to give her the best that she deserved but she won’t understand. At least being the wife of Maduka could promote our status.
I decided to talk to her and make Mama See reasons with me, then I walked to her room.
“Nne Nno ̇!” I greeted.
“k ́e kwanu.” She replied abruptly.
“Odinma!” I replied. “Nne bikonu, forgive me, your attitude towards me is causing me unbearable pain, please try and understand.”
She resigned from the the study desk and said: “Nkem sit down” mildly.
I drifted the stool towards her, and waited eagerly.
She cleared her throat soberly as though some clump of food have hidden itself there.
Then she said,
“My daughter, I understand your plight, knowing how difficult things are for us but you can’t because of that deprive yourself of the joy, happiness and the good family you will have if you marry Ekene.” She took a purse and continued, but I listened reluctantly.
“He was here today and complained bitterly of your recent attitude towards him. That young man has a good future, if you make mistake in the area of marriage, you will end up living in misery, just like me…….
Hmmmm! My experience in marriage is nothing any woman should encounter. She add moodily
Mama what happened to you? I asked
My daughter it’s a long story. She said soberly
Mama! Tell me, am listening.
I have kept this for a long time, but now you are matured enough to know about love issues. My story is about love, lust and lost.

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