Footsteps approached such that the closer it get; fear would cloud our hearts with such a great weight. The clanging of keys and rugged rod creates in ones mind a prologue of a possible death. As every week the prisoners who are taken out of the cell, are often not brought back. 'Who is next to die?' That's the question you would never want to ask; because, unavoidably, the answer could be you.
Years have taken my sweet moments away. All I now have are fragments of haunting memories in a creepy cell.
The deep between the poor and the rich is so great such that many have sacrificed the unforgettable for wealth. I am a victim, unfortunately, of such cruelty. I know for certain that my parents are enjoying their new status while I rot in jail. I woke up one Friday morning feeling weak and ill. I sent for the family doctor who placed me on drugs and asked me to see a gynecologist.
To my dismay, I found out that I had genital wart (human papilliomavirus) which has eaten deep causing cervical cancer. My head spinned like a cannon ball.
Madam calm down it's seems you have been constantly molested ...

That plagued scene was interrupted by scenes from my forced wedding night. The wedding kicked off without my consent; I opposed it but I was too young and weak.
Mallam shehu would creep into my room and take sex at His will; on the last occasion did I crush His head with vase. My lawyer pleaded self defence but lost the case.

Now am here all alone scribbling things in my diary, waiting for the cold hands of death to strike. I know that one day someone out there will find a reason to my actions.....

As I flip through the pages of the diary; I couldn't believe things went sour for her, my sucess story won't be complete without her, maybe I was just too young to understand or too blind to see what was happening then.... why would Baba allow Aisha to waste her life like that.. just because of his quest for money and power.. It's just so unfortunate,...The prison warder taped me on my soldier bringing me back to consciousness, that's only what she brought here he said calmly pointing at the diary I nodded in affirmative stepping out slowly from the prison that held my sister captives....... it's been 7 years since the demise of Aisha but memories of her still lingers on...... I will forever love and cherished you my beloved sister***
Adieu....4rm Isah

( 1st March, 2016 07:35:PM) ( 1986)




What a tragedy.. so touching
( November 26th, 2015)


She's really a brave woman
( November 26th, 2015)


Mallam shehu deserves what happened to him for putting Aisha's life to a halt
( November 26th, 2015)


I agree with you @ mercy.. he certainly deserves better
( November 26th, 2015)


A lady should be treated with love and respect not the other way round.... coz we gat our dignity to protect
( November 26th, 2015)

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