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  The thought of how cruel and unfair life has been burned in my head like hot coal, sending agonizing and unbearable sensation all over my body, which strips my mind of its sanity.
I want to be free from what people think about me and their hostile opinion of my fate; freedom from this bondage is my burning passion.
Everyone is judging me based on the actions and decisions I have taken, but none of them know what it feels like to be forcefully used and shamefully abused. Do they know the sore feeling of being surrounded with fourteen helpless and hell-destined siblings, who have thought of a future.
At 18, tears burned and ran down my cheek as I recall the heartless! ( throat cracks and emotions tensed like a raging storm).. Yes! The heartless decision of my dad to sponsor the male child in school than the girl child. He had me withdrawn.
I for one, is a testifier of the inhumane and hellish reality that the humble adherence of ancient customs and traditions by our ignorant parents brings. I wish I had an option.
The torture ravaging my internal being heightened as thoughts flew out of my brain archive..
.. on a clouded afternoon Mallam Shehu waIked into our compound unexpectedly. His appearance brought the question of, 'why is he here? What is he doing here?' but I alone seemed to be the one puzzled.
Baba sat down meditatively on his rafia mat with his legs crossed, when mallam came in.
after exchanging pleasantries they settled on the mat and conversed as though they have known for long. I watched them from a distance trying to get the message.
"Aisha!Aisha..!" Baba called from the sitting room.
I answered and ran to the living room in pretence, and then knelt down before him.
"Do you know mallam shehu" asked Baba. with a glance, I grazed His face and answered, "Yes Baba. Who wouldn't know him even a day old baby would. I have heard his name several times.
"OK. Aisha you may go now.." Baba dismissed me.

After mallam shehu Left Baba called me back into the sitting room.
"Aisha that very rich man has eyes on you."
I acted as though I didn't understand what he was saying.
"Did you hear me.." he asked with rage.
"....But baba am only eleven, how can I get married so soon?
"Aisha you are matured already."

I couldn't believe my ears, what does he mean by maturity? why would any parent wants to give their daughters out in marriage at that tender age.
I ran out to meet mama outside but it seems she already knew..
Though she was stunned and stood perplexed with hands akimbo, her eyes were transfixed on the sky as if they have solutions to her predicament. Being the third wife of Baba gave her slim chances of convincing him, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of world am I......
I confided in my beloved brother isah but he was just too tender to understand.

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Beautiful story! Nice piece u have here. Waiting for the next one.
( October 19th, 2015)


I wish senator yerima and sanusi lamido are reading this story....... child marriage. May God help us, especially our separated brethren who don't see evil in this act. My take on this is: parents, don't value wealth over your children. Remember that rich person didn't come from heaven with that wealth and won't go back with it. Can't wait for the next episode but until then,God bless you all. Amen
( October 19th, 2015)


Early marriage causes emotional trauma...may God help us
( October 21st, 2015)


So painful how a little girl will be given out @ dat tender age
( October 26th, 2015)


Wonderful story outline
( October 26th, 2015)

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